Gimpy's Light Heavy Chest--Antique Style

I don't use a lot of props in my show nor did I buy a lot in past ten years, but your chest is the most beautiful thing I ever bought! Your craftmanship and technical enhancement brought a classic of magic back to life and made it possible to perform it today. This will definitely find a way into my Soloshow here in Germany. Thank you so much!


Philip Simon

Philip Simon Live

Gimpy's Light Heavy Chest - WOW! This thing is seriously intense. The perfect chest. The performer need not do a darn thing...the box does it all. No magnets, hookups, remotes, or anything! The magi never needs to touch the box.

What can be said about this that hasn't already been said. The box is one of the best products I have ever seen in Magic...hands down, PERIOD! Absolutely beautiful. The chest is extremely well made, and uses an ingenious principle.

There are very few things in the magic world that I would stick my seal of approval on. Gimpy is to the Light Heavy Chest as Owen is to Rings, as Sherewood is to Cups, or as Lassan is to Coins.

If you don't own one yet...then stop what you're doign and BUY ONE! 2 so you can perform it twice! It's well worth it.

Have you ever just wondered what it would be like to be able to do REAL MAGIC? If I were really able to make a coin vanish, I would simply snap and watch it vanish off the table. Why must I first pick it up and place it into my hand to cause it to disappear? If you were really wanting a L/H Box that was TEST CONDITION FAIR, then THIS would be it.

The audience can hold the box. The audience can look IN the box and even feel around inside as there is nothing to hide. The performer never touches the box. It's all done by the spectator. It's as fairer than fair. It's perfect! A beautiful piece of magic that will forever be in my show.

There will never be another chest that can come close to riviling ANY of Gimpys products. I hear that Robert Houdin has come back from the grave just to buy one of these chests. ALL of the Gimpy Products are as close to REAL MAGIC as you can get!

Now go forth...and ma-gish!


In Mystery,


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