I know longer build these--please contact our friend Jimmy Fingers directly to purchase one. www.jimmyfingers.com

Jimmy Fingers' Choppo
Jimmy Fingers' Choppo
Item# 004

Product Description

THIS IS THE ONE EVERYONE HAS BEEN WAITING ON! Finally you have an arm chopper that is completely safe, fool-proof, lightweight, and a total mindblower! Jimmy Fingers has kept this effect to himself for several years until now.

It is built in American Walnut with Maple inlay and a stainless steel blade. And get this--IT IS TOTALLY EXAMINABLE--THERE IS NOTHING TO FIND--HAND EVERYTHING OUT FOR EXAMINATION! Talk about packs small, plays big!

"The best, most amazing effects are simple and elegant in concept and design. Choppo is that for sure. Congratulations Jimmy!" - Kevin James

"Choppo fooled me for a long time. It's a great centerpiece of Jimmy's act. The rest of you are just lucky he is finally sharing it. " - Bizzaro

"By far, the most deceptive chopper ever!" Jeff McBride, Las Vegas Headliner

Dimensions are 12" x 15" and it weighs about 5 pounds.

Here's what you get:

* Choppo, hallmarked and numbered

* Stainless steel blade with polished Walnut handle

* Custom cardboard carrying case with foam lining

* Double boxed shipping

* Access to Jimmy Fingers video instructions