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Demi Cube a Libre
Demi Cube a Libre
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This is a half-size version of Gimpy's Old Time Cube a Libre. It's half the size, but has all the mystery and quality of the larger version, plus it's really fun!

Included in the instructions is an original and hilarious Snake-Oil salesman patter line with a surprise ending and production.

Two columns of blocks numbered 1, 2, and 3, are stacked in multiple configurations--backwards, sideways, and in different order--no matter how one column is stacked, the other will instantaneously match it.

The design and method are the same as Gimpy's Old Time Cube a Libre. The cubes are 2 3/4" square and the tube is 9" tall. The tube is made of Walnut with a distressed hand-rubbed patina giving it an old-time look.

The entire set weighs 3 1/2 pounds. Comes with a custom cardboard case.

Optional custom wood case available.

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