The Delben Two Hole Arm Chopper is here!! Only Gimpy's Magic has the original Homecraft hinges!!!


Delben Two Hole Arm Chopper
Delben Two Hole Arm Chopper

Product Description

Delben Two Hole Arm Chopper
Delben Two-Hole Arm Chopper

This is the ONLY authorized version and has been a long time off the markets With permission from Danny Garganus of Houston Texas, who purchased the rights to the Delben line. This is a real attention getting effect. A mini-illusion that’s easy to carry and easy to perform. Good comedy…Good mystery… Good entertainment!

A favorite of Terry Seabrooke’s act for years and years. Extremely safe, the blade never comes near the spectator’s arms. Features a great ending—take off the front and back (break it down) to find the spectator’s wrists through the two holes in the blade!

Don't miss out--only 12 were built and they may never be available again.

With the original Homecraft hardware not made in over 40 years, this is the closest to the version Gimpy helped make at Delben in the 1970's. We're so proud to be able to offer these!