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Gimpy's Old Time Tachistoscope
Gimpy's Old Time Tachistoscope

Product Description

Gimpy's Old Time Tachistoscope
Gimpy’s Old Time Tachistoscope

Don’t just read minds--control them

The “Tachistoscope” was granted a design patent in 1859. It was a mechanical device to send subliminal messages. Just imagine if you had the ability to imprint images into the subconscious mind. This is the premise of the effect that can be demonstrated with Gimpy’s Old Time Tachistoscope


Audience members inspect and shuffle two decks of cards. Three face down cards are chosen and affixed to a star shaped wheel on the “Tachistoscope”. A light source shines thru the spinning cards into a prism. Looking into the prism purportedly sends a subliminal message of the unknown cards to a chosen spectator. At the end the spectator is able to identify three cards they have never seen.


Tachistoscope that breaks down flat and can be set up in seconds. Made of walnut with hand inlaid maple and aged brass. 8”x8”x16”

All gimmicks needed

Full written instructions including patter

Access to secret online tutorial


One deck of regular size cards red

One deck of regular size cards blue

Light source (candle, flashlight or lamp or flash paper)

No difficult sleights, no forced cards, no stooges, no reset time--it almost works itself.