Lighter Light Heavy Chest

Lighter Light Heavy Chest
Ok let me tell yall about this new prop by Gimpy.

It's the old light heavy chest but better. It is made to look like a cardboard box and it looks completely empty and you sit it down and then the aud member just can't lift the thing.. The side walls kinda flex to make it feel like a little card board box, but this thing is fool proof and a killer as far as I'm concerned.

I really enjoyed meeting Gimpy and his family at my show last week and I'm so glad that he brought this thing to show me. I had requested that he bring one to show with him so I could see what it does. I have wanted something like this for some time now and this is IT>>>

I really like the way it just looks like a card board box. I think that it makes it even more of a miracle.

I placed my order right after he demoed this thing for me.

I will be telling all my magic friends to get one of these for sure.

The price is right also.

Gimpy has great products and I'm glad to have met him. The good news for me is that he's just 30 miles up the road.

Taylor Reed

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The Magic and Comedy of Taylor Reed

Words fail me in the excitement and awe I felt when I opened my new "Lighter Heavy Box." The craftsmanship and attention to detail in amazing. I look forward to really working this, and my only frustration is that I cannot share with the audience the ingenuity that went into this outstanding cardboard box.

I have not been this happy about a purchase in a very long time!

Lon Cerel

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