Gimpy's Light Heavy Chest Reviews

The box is beautifully produced. Design touches enhance the look of the prop and the effect...The handling is simple... Many magicians will be able to figure out the key elements of the handling from viewing. Nevertheless, I would imagine none would be able to decipher exactly how those elements result in the effect produced. Laypeople don't stand a chance... It's a great trick, with a smart method, that's well made.

Reviewed by Brad Henderson Magic Magazine November, 2008, p. 99

All I can say is this: The light heavy box is one of the best products I have ever seen. It is nice looking, well made, and ingenious. It ranks in quality right alongside my Deans box and schoolcraft coins. It ranks in simplicity and magical value up there with the thumbtip, Once again Deans box, and tarbells tissue tear. For all who own one, it will be tops in performance mileage and impact. Its great and worth every penny!

--Darren Knight

I promised Gimpy I'd write a review, good or bad, once I received my chest.

First of all I have to say Gimpy is a joy to deal with. He's friendly, informative, completely accommodating and made me feel that no question was too stupid - a true gentleman. Before I purchased the chest I had a few questions and a couple of concerns, but Gimpy put my mind at ease and even made a great suggestion that moved me to buy the chest. If you're at all considering purchasing this item you should be aware that another, more expensive, limited edition (now sold out) version cost more than twice as much, and the only difference was the types of woods used. The version that Gimpy is selling now is top notch, sturdy, will last a lifetime, and looks like a real showpiece, because it is.

The Chest is just as you would expect, a craftsman box that looks like it's used for jewelry or other ornamental items. (I even had an idea to present it as a Christmas supply box - small ornaments, ribbons, scissors, the things you'd only get to once a year.)

The above performance link is as straightforward as you can ask for, although a bit of audience management is needed for added deception - something that Gimpy goes over in detail in the instructions. There's absolutely no reason that anyone will question the procedure if you listen to Gimpy. It's very simple to perform, yet there are subtle bits of handling that you would do well to study and master.

As for presentations, the sky's the limit! From the metaphorical, motivational, fantastical, mythological, spiritual, procedural (please stay away from this one), whimsical, educational, and even scientific - I imagine that this can be a highlight of someone's act if given the right framework. As always, the best way to present this is to share of yourself and make it your own. The simple handling, impeccable workmanship, and simplicity of concept make it a great deal of fun to perform, and I imagine that someone will make quite a reputation for himself or herself with this item, just as performers have done with the light/heavy chest for over a century.

I can't imagine anybody regretting this purchase. If you're on the fence, I hope I've convinced you to buy one (I don't benefit in any way from this review), and if you do I encourage you to post your reactions here.

I'll be reading.

Thank you, Gimpy.

Ruben Padilla

Just wanted to say that I was over at Ruben's apartment and he showed me the chest. Very nice. Great construction and I know it is a fooler.

Congratulations, Gimpy, on this well made product. It's certainly underpriced.

Greg Arce

Recently I obtained the Pirate and Jewellery Light and Heavy chests from Gimpy's Magic These chests are the business! Really, the pirate chest is quite beautiful - the Jewellery Chest is automatic, and VERY clever. I've tried both with my routine, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the pirate chest works best for me. The workmanship on these boxes is perfect, and the mechanism is quite, quite brilliant! I have to admit, the automatic Jewellery box appeals to me because it's so "magical" - it took me a while to figure out how it works, even once I had it in my hands - so no chance a layman would ever guess this one.....but the pirate chest (which is so cheap, it's criminal) works very well too, though it's a "manual" operation. My routining means the manual mechanism will be no problem anyway - the effect of the L&H chest is just one element of a much longer routine. Because of the nature of this effect, it's really not for the "packs small, plays big" entertainer.....this is for those who simply want to deliver a great show, regardless. Not that you need to tote around a lot of kit for it.....but you won't pack flat, that's for sure! One thing I've realised is that the Jewellery Box is actually quite heavy anyway, so some smaller kids might genuinely have a problem lifting it - whereas the Pirate Box is light, and almost any kid could lift it no problem. Once "heavy" has been engaged, the Jewellery box can be pretty much impossible to lift, even for a big man (routined correctly)....but the pirate chest isn't quite so heavy....but you might consider that routining will sort all that out.....if you have one of these, you can't use it "straight out of the box", you must experiment a little to find out how YOU will work your L&H chest. For the price, you're getting a VERY strong piece of magic kit, and I would say, these chests are MASSIVELY underpriced! If Gimpy were to triple the price, I think his products would be more in line with other magic retailers. So, if you think you could use one of these (and believe me, the comedy potential of a L&H chest is simply enormous), my advice is to get one quick before Gimpy realises that he's pricing himself way too low..... This is easily my favourite purchase in five years.....value for money wise, this is a no-brainer...get one, they're great! Potty gives this one 100% approval!

--Potty the Pirate

"If you're on the fence about this, take the leap and pick one up...if you can!

The chest is beautifully constructed. The design is ingenious. It works like a charm, and I've tried it on a few different surfaces. Unlike the original chests, this one is very secure. There's no "wiggle", as it locks solid.

The "jewelry chest" design lends itself to many presentational angles I'm sure. The fact that the spectator unknowingly does "the work" makes it especially devious, along with the clever use of "black art" beneath the chest so it appears to be raised from the surface.

Also have to mention that ordering from "Gimpy" was a pleasure. He kept me informed of the status of my order throughout. When there was a delay (by one day!) from his estimated shipping date, he made sure I knew about it.

Anyway, hope this helps if you've been thinking about making this purchase.

Congrats to Gimpy's Magic for creating such an amazing piece of magic both for the collector and performer!"

--Joe Long

As everyone else has mentioned, Gimpy is one of the best builders that I have ever worked with. He is incredibly open about answering questions as well as prompt. Everything about the order was easy and not a hassle.

When I got the chest the first thing that I noticed what that the pictures didn't really do it justice. I love magic props that look like either peices of fine wood working, or just every day objects. This would easily pass for an incredibly nice jewelry chest, and gives it a richness on stage that I really like. I have been doing some test performances for friends and family members, and the use of the black art underneath the chest is a great selling point, especially on a table that you can see underneath.

As far as presentation is concerned, this offers you limitless options. With other L/H chests, it always seemed that all the emphasis had to be placed on the fact that the chest couldn't be lifted, but with this version, you can place more of the emphasis on WHY it can't be lifted. there are tons of presentation ideas that can be used to place the emphasis on the spectator, and make it a meaningful piece to both them, and the audience.

If you ever wanted a L/H chest, like I did for many years, this is your chance to buy from a great builder and a great price.

Kyle Scheel

Kyle Scheel Magic