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Lightning Math Sticks
Lightning Math Sticks

Product Description

Lightning Math Sticks--Stage Size

This popular pocket trick comes to the stage in this full size version.

Effect. The audience is shown 4 columns with different 4 digit numbers on each side. The sticks can be arranged to add up to thousands of number combinations. A volunteer mixes the sticks in any order and places them on the stand. Immediately the performer knows what the total is. The volunteer adds the numbers and confirms the total is correct.

The answer / prediction can be written on a card or blackboard or announced prior to the calculation. You can also predict the number total on the back without ever seeing it.

Use with 2,3 or 4 sticks. No hard math to remember, if you can subtract 2, you can do it. Endless types of routines can be done with this versatile prop. The sticks are 2.25 inches x 12 inches and setting on a hardwood stand. Lightweight but very durable and built to last. Easily visible from 50 plus feet.