The Mighty Mini

I was lucky enough to get the "prototype" version of The Mighty Mini Light Heavy Chest to play with and review.'s a smaller version of the Pirates Chest he sells...but the quality is much better in my opinion. The box is quite small and when you activate the gimmick, that little sucker ain't goin' nowhere! It's very deceptive due to the small size of the box.

Gimpy also added breakaway handles to the box to add for extra comedy if you desire. This idea was my own along with Bizzaro's in a creative session we had with the larger Pirates Chest that Gimpy also makes. We just thought it would be funny to instruct them to pick up the chest, gesture to the handle and have them break it off the box (held on with magnets). We were right!

Anyhow...this light heavy chest packs small and plays BIG!

I had a show today and left the big box at home and took the Mighty Mini instead. It was awesome! Thanks Gimpy for such a high quality prop! It will be in my show forever!


The Magic of Christopher Lyle

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I got my Gimpy chest this week and this beats my other two chests. (They are now sold.) One of my two former chests requires a metal base, and this creates a discovery issue for me. Dragging this large and heavy target with me was a real pain.

My other box was very pretty and operated on the same principle as the Gimpy box. The problem I had was that I needed two hands to properly set the box up during performance. It also made a clunk sound. The Gimpy box needs only one hand to silently do this.

I ordered the smaller box (Mighty Mini), and it fits wonderfully on a marble top plant stand that I already had at home. I priced these stands this week and they are only $39.00. The Mighty Mini is solid, well constructed and a very pretty prop.

I performed the Gimpy to my regular routine the day I opened the package - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

The Magic of Christopher Manos

I received the Mighty Mini last week. After reading the Magic Cafe reviews on it, my expectations were quite high for the box. Happily, the quality of your box actually exceeded my expectations! Beautifully made! You are a crafstman indeed!

Todd Shapiro

The Amazing Todsky