Performance Tray for Mighty Mini

Gimpy designed and built the absolutely perfect tray to complete my set. It allows the Chest to become and remain VERY heavy, and also makes the very light part a snap...I just love it, it works for my needs even better than I’d hoped.

So, holding the tray firmly and against your torso, they can try to lift the box and find it too heavy to lift, and unless you’ve directed them poorly, they won’t try to force it or yank it, and make it look like you are straining to hold the tray.

The tray is also large enough, plain enough, and innocent enough, that is does not draw attention or suspicion to it.

The secret is to USE the tray to bring the chest into the room or audience! I was able to walk from person to person, asking them to “feel how heavy the chest is” and as I passed among the group no one questioned the tray, it made perfect sense to walk around with it, to get to a few people. After the “magic” the same, or a few other people, are able to find the chest is “lighter than before” and again the tray makes sense to walk around with, rather than having them all come up on stage.

I do feel if you want to work solely on a stage, the tray can be on any table you choose (even one with a tablecloth) and if you simply hold the edges of the tray casually and fairly (to keep it stable) there would be little suspicion, IF you also used the tray to bring the props forward and away again after.

It’s been a great solution for me… depending upon your presentation or style it may NOT work for you, but it has made the mighty-mini more practical, flexible, and usable for my needs.

Walt Anthony

San Francisco Magic Parlor