Pirate's Strong Box

Recently I obtained the Pirate and Jewellery Light and Heavy chests from Gimpy's Magic These chests are the business! Really, the pirate chest is quite beautiful - the Jewellery Chest is automatic, and VERY clever. I've tried both with my routine, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the pirate chest works best for me. The workmanship on these boxes is perfect, and the mechanism is quite, quite brilliant! I have to admit, the automatic Jewellery box appeals to me because it's so "magical" - it took me a while to figure out how it works, even once I had it in my hands - so no chance a layman would ever guess this one.....but the pirate chest (which is so cheap, it's criminal) works very well too, though it's a "manual" operation. My routining means the manual mechanism will be no problem anyway - the effect of the L&H chest is just one element of a much longer routine. Because of the nature of this effect, it's really not for the "packs small, plays big" entertainer.....this is for those who simply want to deliver a great show, regardless. Not that you need to tote around a lot of kit for it.....but you won't pack flat, that's for sure! One thing I've realised is that the Jewellery Box is actually quite heavy anyway, so some smaller kids might genuinely have a problem lifting it - whereas the Pirate Box is light, and almost any kid could lift it no problem. Once "heavy" has been engaged, the Jewellery box can be pretty much impossible to lift, even for a big man (routined correctly)....but the pirate chest isn't quite so heavy....but you might consider that routining will sort all that out.....if you have one of these, you can't use it "straight out of the box", you must experiment a little to find out how YOU will work your L&H chest. For the price, you're getting a VERY strong piece of magic kit, and I would say, these chests are MASSIVELY underpriced! If Gimpy were to triple the price, I think his products would be more in line with other magic retailers. So, if you think you could use one of these (and believe me, the comedy potential of a L&H chest is simply enormous), my advice is to get one quick before Gimpy realises that he's pricing himself way too low..... This is easily my favourite purchase in five years..... value for money wise, this is a no-brainer...get one, they're great! Potty gives this one 100% approval!

--Potty the Pirate

So yesterday, I received my Pirates Strong Box in the mail from Gimpy and it has inspired me to post my thoughts...

First of all, I should say that Gimpy is THE MAN when it comes to Customer Service! I was completly on the fence about buying the Pirates Strong Box or the NEW Light Heavy Chest. Price had nothing to do with it this time as the more expensive of the two was only $300.00 so I wasn't sweating it. It had to do with overall appearnce of the box and which one I thought would best fit my show.

Every email I sent to Gimpy with questions was answered in full detail within a few hours of me sending. He really went above and beyond the call of duty to take care of me. Customer Service IS NOT DEAD!!!! Well...it is, but not with Gimmpy!

I finally decided on the Pirates Strong Box as the Craftsmen Style Jewerly Box just didn't fit my act very well. I ordered the box at a steal of a price ($129.00....WHY DO YOU CHARGE SO LITTLE??????????) and asked Gimpy when it would ship out. He told me "that he had no more in stock and that it would probably be over a week before he could finish up the next batch and get it out to me in the mail." Cool...no worries from my end...not like I was going to perform it right then and there anyhow.

I get an email the following day from Gimpy telling me that he stayed up late that evening and finished 1 box just for me and he got it in the mail THAT DAY!!!! Oh My God!!!! I couldn't believe it! That's increadible!!!

With the Holiday Weekend and mail not running, I got the box yesterday in the mail. It came VERY WELL PROTECTED with bubble wrap and peanuts...this box could have gone head on with a semi truck and it would have come out just fine. NOT THE CASE with other things I have ordered from other people. I really appreciated the extra care Gimpy took in packing the box.

So now I'm staring at this chest for the first time. First Impressions... WOW!!! This box really looks like something you would have found on a Pirates Ship. It was superb. An illusion by itself as it looks like it would weigh quite a bit. A rugged looking truck/chest, but it weighs probably less than 2 lbs (just a guess). A nice dark wood for the trunk with rugged/worn brass accents. It's absolutly beautiful.

After appreciating the outside of the box for 10 minutes, it was time to open up the box and check out the inside and tip the gimmick. HELLO!!! WOAH!!!! It's mighty awesome. You definetley CANNOT let anyone look in the box, but I really don't think that matters. A couple of little presentational ideas will get you around that issue with ease.

Once you open the box, it's quite obvious how to make it work even w/o instructions. I was able to activate the "heavy" in less than 2 seconds. BOY DOES IT WORK WELL!!! I'm still in awe!

I have seen many other light/heavy chests that work with hook ups, magnets, strings, wires, etc. Not this one. It's very deceptive. Nobody will ever figure this thing out!

I did it for my wife last night and it fooled her. She thought it was magnets until she realize the chest was on a wooden dining room table. I did it on the table, kitchen floor, and Kitchen Countertop. She had no idea. When I tipped it to her, she was really shocked! The gimmick is very deceptive and simple...so simple that people will overlook it as a possibility and think it's something more complex. I fooled my neighbor's with it also (but didn't tip it of course).

Once you have the "heavy" activated, the box seriously CANNOT be lifted from the table...or moved at all for that matter. I put it thru the wringer that night. Both my wife and myself tried at the same time (her on one side of the box and me on the other) to lift the chest...and to no avail. I'm a pretty tough guy (5'11, 225 lbs). The box will not budge once you have activated the gimmick. A lot of time went into this concept and I applaude Gimpy for it.

The ONLY downside to the box (if there is one) is that you cannot let the spectators look inside the box. That's the only bad thing, but like I said, some presentational idea's will very quickly get you around that little factor.

It also must be performed on good clean surface. A table or floor. Carpet won't cut it.

It CAN BE EXAMINED on the outside with proper Audience Management.

Other boxes of lesser quality sell for 10x the amount. The Pirates Strong Box was $129.00 plus shipping. I still think Gimpy should jack up the price. IT's too little for such a great peice of magic.

This item will stay in my show forever! I just took a dust cloth and some pledge orange oil to the outside of the chest. It's an absolutle work of art. As much as I have tried, I cannot express how awesome this chest is or how awesome Gimpy is.

I will close this review by saying this effect will last the test of time and is far superior to any other Light/Heavy Chest you will ever see! HANDS DOWN!

In Mystery,


The Magic of Christopher Lyle

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I am now the proud owner of your wonderfully crafted Pirate Strong Box. I am completely satisfied and over the moon with the quality of the box. This I can see becoming a major feature of my close up act. Once again, many thanks. Your workmanship is truly excellent.

Yours very happily

Paul Knight PK Magic