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The Case of the Curious Cubes
The Case of the Curious Cubes
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Product Description

Based on the Eric Lewis original

We have taken this vintage effect and completely revamped it. All new mechanisms make this new version even more of a fooler, and it can now be done close-up!


A wooden cabinet is shown with the doors open in the front and the back so the audience can view completely through the case. Twelve cubes are shown with playing card pips on some of their sides. A card is freely chosen--NO FORCE.

The blocks are place randomly in the cabinet and the doors are closed. The card is now revealed and the doors are reopened to show that the cubes have been magically rearranged to depict the chosen card! The block are then pushed onto the table and may be examined.

The blocks are solid hardwood, and the 8" x 12" cabinet is made of quarter sawn black walnut with maple accents. This effect is built to last and finished with a hand-rubbed oil finish for which Gimpy's products are known.